Turing test

Folks, I need to tell you about an amazing customer service call yesterday. I was trying to find out why my insurance wouldn’t pay for a refill of something, and the customer service rep was so slow, and had a weird accent that I couldn’t quite manage, and she was obviously reading from a script the whole time, and her timing was all off. She’d say, “Can I ask you for your address?” and I’d start to say, “Sure, it’s–” and she’d talk over me saying, “Thank you for that, Jessie.” And then I’d have to start again. It was so annoying. She said she’d have to call me back after she talked to the pharmacy rep, and she did, and when I talked to her for the second time I realized


Her accent was the distortion of an imperfect computer-generated voice. Once I heard it I couldn’t un-hear it. That’s why she didn’t seem to remember anything from the previous call, asked me the same questions, said everything the exact same way, etc. OMG. I talked to a robot, y’all, and I didn’t know it.

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