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“Girl Apollo Programmer Feared One Mistake”

Last week at the Thinking Cup, a Boston coffee shop whose tabletops are made from historical newspaper front pages, I took a picture of this 1969 article about the moon landing. It’s a little feature piece on Margaret Hamilton, an … Continue reading

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Making art is hard work

Syllabus by artist Lynda Barry for a class. Go look. Seriously go look first. Sometimes I hear people talk about creativity like it has to be unfettered and unlearned and just somehow totally fucking untethered. Why do we not talk … Continue reading

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TV night

How TV night goes at our house: Me: That’s a lotta white dudes in this scene. T: It’s France. France is full of white dudes. Me: Also ladies! And North Africans! One of those guys could be North African! T: … Continue reading

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